RE-ACT organizes lectures at Jönköping University were we invite sustainable successful companies to learn students more about them and inspire us to drive sustainability in our future work as leaders and entrepreneurs. Companies who have visited us include major companies such as IKEA, SPP and Swedish Government.


Our aim is to arrange two lectures each semester that is open for all students at the university, sometimes with a requirement to pre-register so look out for the latest news on our Facebook page.

15 December 2015


The board enjoyed a brunch with Saint Lucia. This was a moment to celebrate the hard work and all achievements, and to get motivation for the upcoming semester. Unfortunately for some members it was also a farewell, since the exchange program has come to an end. We would therefore like to thank Placide for his strong contribution to the club. We would also like to thank Marieta for all her work, as she is now moving on to new challenges. Finally, RE-ACT would like to thank all the club members. Many of you are now going back home and we will miss you all. Remember, once a RE-ACTer, always a RE-ACT'er!

3 December 2015


The Swedish government is developing an ambitious strategy for sustainable business and invited stakeholders for feedback. Members from RE-ACT attended their meetings, and later arranged a workshop for students to express their opinions and give feedback. The workshop addressed sustainable business issues and government requirements for better CSR. The conclusions from the workshop were then submitted to the CSR unit by the International Trade Policy Department at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

25 November 2015


RE-ACT invited Scandic Hotels to hold a lecture for the students at JU. We had the honor to listen to Inger Mattsson, Director Sustainable Business of Scandic Hotels Group, and Charlie Hedberg, General Manager Scandic Jönköping. Scandic is a pioneer within CSR and the majority of the hotels are certified according to the Nordic Ecolabel’s new requirements. The purpose of the lecture was to provide an insight in how the biggest hotel operator in Northern Europe is able to combine successful business with sustainability. The aim was also to make an interest in Scandic as a potential future employer. The interactive lecture was a great learning experience and highly appreciated among students.

9-13 November 2015


RE-ACT’s Time Capsule Event attracted more media attention to JU than the school has received in a long time. The event was covered live on Swedish radio, in the local newspaper and on internet news channels. The purpose of the event was to promote RE-ACT, awake interest for sustainability and attract new members. We feel that we accomplished this purpose successfully. The main attraction of the one–week event was the time capsule which is a glass container filled with three elements of symbolic factors of sustainability; environment, society and economy. The students had the possibility to leave messages to future generations, which was a way to raise the awareness about sustainability.

6-8 November 2015


RE-ACT was proud to represent the students of Jönköping University at the Student Sustainability Summit in Gothenburg. The summit aimed to bring student associations in Sweden to one place and initiate a national network. The participants had a chance to exchange ideas and experiences in the sustainability field. Przemek, Marieta and Placide did a great job as ambassadors for RE-ACT. Creating connections with other associations will open up possibilities for new collaborations and partnerships in upcoming events.

5 October 2015


RE-ACT went to Stockholm to visit Plantagon, a truly innovative company and the global leader in the urban agriculture sector. To manage the increasing population and growing cities, Plantagon is providing solutions which enable locally grown food. Besides capturing a great business opportunity, Plantagon’s systems are designed to minimize the environmental impact. The idea with this study trip was to further educate us students on the subject of sustainability. We got to listen to passionate representatives at the headquarters and it was a very inspiring experience.

13 September 2015


RE-ACT organized an Integration day with the purpose to bring together all new and old members. The new board was presented as well. The event took place at the Jönköping Rowing Club. They were also helping us with team building exercises. We had a wonderful barbeque together.

15 August 2015


Przemyslaw Jablonski created connection with the UN Global Compact in New York. This was a new step for RE-ACT on a global level. The meeting gave opportunities to expand the network and approach potential guest lecturers to promote sustainability. Moreover, the visit gave club members access to the newest publications presented by specialists from the United Nations.

4 August 2015


The first field trip of the school semester. It was time to create strategies for the club and attracting new members. Przemek and Marieta had a chance to enjoy the day in the nature in Kyrkekvarn Mullsjö. The trip was organized together with Professor Marcela Ramirez Pasillas and JIBS's Summer School. It was a great and motivating beginning for the upcoming semester.

27 april 2015


Members of RE-ACT were expanding the club network with Chalmers Students for Sustainability Group in Göteborg. Meeting with another student club gave members a great opportunity to exchange ideas. Moreover we were able to discuss challenges and find solutions together. We all voted for more trips and networking since collaboration is a great source of creativity.


22 april 2015


SPP/Storebrand presented sustainable activities in the financial industry.

The lecture highlighted new directions of investment and green bonds.

Our guests stated that customers trigger an increasing demand for investments involved in sustainability. This rewarding lecture gave us new perspectives of the financial industry and was a motivation for many students to become engaged in the field.

12 march 2015


IKEA was invited to give a lecture about sustainable practices in the company. We were very happy to meet with Anna Karin Zimmerfors, Store Manager of IKEA in Jönköping. The students got to learn about the sustainable solutions that IKEA is using in order to improve environmental issues and social needs. The lecture proved that a sustainable strategy does not have to be lead as charity, but can be part of the business model. For RE-ACT'ers, IKEA became an example of how sustainability theory is implemented in reality, and on top of that, generates profit for the company.

10 November 2014


RE-ACT got the possibility to meet with world famous Karl-Henrik Robèrt at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola in Karlskrona. Thanks to an invitation from the master students of the Sustainable Development program, members of RE-ACT had a chance to integrate, expand the network and build new friendship. However the cherry on top of the cake was that we got a private lecture with Karl-Henrik Robèrt, founder of The Natural Step and creator of Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development. The time in Karlskrona was very interesting and rewarding.


21 October 2014


RE-ACT was proud to arrange a lecture with Börje Erdtman, social entrepreneur and creator of the foundation Ankarstiftelsen. Börje shared his passion for helping others and supporting people in need. His story showed how life can change around us and how much power we have to make changes in the right direction. We learnt from Börje that we can create a better future for the next generation on all three levels of sustainability - economy, society and environment.


28 April 2014


Interact with RE-ACT! Students from Jönköping University had a chance to meet with the RE-ACT members and share ideas and wishes within the sustainability field. During this event we had a chance to explore the interest of students and the university community. The event brought many interesting ideas to be developed by the club, as well as topics to be covered with guest lectures.

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